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Welcome to Willits, California!

Willits is located in Northern California, the "Heart of Mendocino County" & "Gateway to the Redwoods. "Willits is famous for the Skunk Train, Willits Frontier Days, California's oldest continuous rodeo, and being the Home of Seabiscuit to mention a few. With a small town atmosphere, Willits is a great place to stay, play and live!
Main Street in Downtown Willits

Willits Arch

Just some of what has to offer...

Willits hosts the Frontier Days & Rodeo every July. It is the oldest continuous rodeo in California. It is also home to the Roots of Motive Power Locomotive Museum and the Mendocino County Musseum.

The Willits area is the final home of the racehorse Seabiscuit. Ridgewood Ranch, where Seabiscuit trained, recuperated, lived out his retirement and was buried, is located a few miles south of the city.

Mendocino County has a very long history documented through photos that can be viewed right here. Historical Photos of Mendocino County.







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